Obama’s stempel op The Oval Office

Nu in het Kremlin maar weinig is the watchen, verleggen we de focus richting Oval Office. Telegraph meldt over de nieuwe inrichting van Obama’s kantoortje:

“On Mr Obama’s desk is a wooden penholder presented to him by Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, during a visit in March. The penholder is made of wood from HMS Gannet, sister ship to British naval vessel the Resolute, from which the famous Presidential desk is made. Changes to the Oval Office are always intensely scrutinised, with analysts reading symbolic meaning in even the slightest alterations. The decision to replace a bust of Winston Churchill with King’s earlier this year was perceived by some observers as a slight against the British. In fact the decision to return the bust of Churchill to Britain, after it was lent to President Bush by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, had been taken before Mr Obama took office.”



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